XM Radio is Audio

21 Sep

I listen to XM Radio in my car each morning. I eat my toast, drink my coffee, and switch back between Headline News [XM123] and ESPN Radio [XM140].

Normally I switch stations when commercials come on. Even though XM used to be the place with “no commercial interruptions.”

If it isn’t bad enough, I pay for radio to inundate me with advertising, sometimes it is bad advertising.

Today an ad played that stated: “now look at this…”

XM Radio is Audio.

The company recycled an ad from TV. Some advertising department approved this ad to go to XM. That person recycled.

The “recycling problem” has me wondering what we recycle that misses the mark because we didn’t create new and fresh. It wasn’t even, for this company, that they just recycled. It was the blatant disregard for the target customer. Did they not know I was in my car and could not see what they were asking me to look at?

It is quite humorous in all honesty. But it does make me stop to consider if I am recycling that which doesn’t make sense. Am I asking people who can’t see to look?

be fresh…

[this guy has some interesting thoughts on it… STORY]


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