chasing donkeys

22 Sep

Saul’s story of running into the prophet Samuel started with Saul chasing donkeys.

Saul’s father gave him the task/job/role/assignment of chasing the lost donkeys. He even had Saul take an assistant with him. An assistant to the donkey chasing son.

But Saul took up his role. He chased a donkey, and didn’t do so well. But with the assistants money in hand, went to a holy seer in hope of finding the donkeys.

Sometimes I chase donkeys. I get tasks and roles that feel like I am just chasing a donkey. Some feel unimportant and minuscule. Sometimes I have been given roles that I feel overqualified for. Or I just feel like a failure at what I have been given, whether it is a lot or a little.

Saul chased the donkey and found his new seat on the throne of a Kingdom.

David brought the cheese and found a giant.

Today I will chase a donkey. We have a seat at the table of a King already.

The task is holy. The role is massive. Be the kingdom. Be love. Chase a donkey. Connect…


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