When efficiency is absent…

22 Sep

During Connect Ministries recent relocation from Tennessee to Georgia, I have had the unique opportunity to work with many different organizations while setting up bank accounts, utilities, changing driver’s license, switching car tags, etc. This is what has been very obvious throughout this entire process, when efficiency is not present everyone gets frustrated.

What I have observed is…employees are often forced into inefficient models simply because leaders in the organization are unwilling to allow those on the front line of customer service to make the decisions necessary to ensure an efficient process. Have you ever had someone say to you (I did recently)…” I am sorry…but my boss says we have to do it this way…I know this is frustrating…I have tried to change this but…” This is one sign of an out-of-touch-leader.

What is the result of inefficient organizations? Employees get burned out, customers leave, tension develops in the organization, confidence in leadership drops, questions arise throughout the organizations, profits drop, employees work twice has hard to accomplish simple task–and the list could continue. In short, people stop connecting…

Leaders must listen. They must listen to those who are “touching” the systems. Leaders must create a culture that thrives on the evaluating processes. This is the first step to injecting your organization with efficiency. Connect!


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