That Song…

24 Sep

I drive a 1997 Toyota Camry with 170,000 miles on it [and hope I can one day put 370,000 on it]. Toyota’s are typically unstoppable in terms of durability… but every once in a while you have to do a little bit of maintenance on them.

My once in a while came yesterday.

Already upset with how much money I was going to have to spend at the mechanic’s shop I walked into the lobby pretty defensive.

I did not want to chat.

I did not want to get to know the mechanic.

I only wanted my Camry back.

While pulling out my credit card to pay I noticed the worship song playing in the background [“I’m coming back to the heart of worship” was the song]. My spirit was glad to worship in the midst of frustration… but my flesh made me feel like they were only playing worship music to subtly make me forget I was giving them all my money. Then the guy started humming the worship song while running my card through the machine. It was like he knew I was antsy and wanted to rub it in my face. I become mad at him [and the worship song]. Then the mechanic had the audacity to ask me if I liked the worship song that was playing. Internally I was furious and could not figure out what the fascination was with the worship song. He was more interested in the song than the amount of money I was paying him. I was obsessed with the money and could not care less about the song [or him] at that point. Walking out of the mechanic’s shop [with a lot less money and feeling like I just got had] the weirdest thing happened.

I left the lobby of the building but the song kept playing [you know the one he would not quit humming and asking me about]. The closer I got to my car the volume level of the song remained the same…for the life of me I could not figure it out. Then it dawned on me –


My iPhone somehow opened my Pandora app and began playing the song. I was so confused… and maybe even more convicted. I got in my car a different person.

What if the unbelieving world put their trust in the Lord because they heard a song coming from the hearts of Christ-followers? What if our intimacy with the Lord birthed and oozed songs of things like peace, joy, patience, forgiveness, compassion, concern and love? Then maybe the Church would not have to spend as much time begging people to come to church – but instead spend more energy letting the volume of their Song penetrate the world around them. Not the song in your pocket, but the song in your heart…


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