25 Sep

Happy Birthday Connect Ministries

On this day 3 years ago, Connect Ministries was birthed.  For us as a team it is amazing to look back and see where God has taken this ministry. In just the past 3 years Connect Ministries Headquarters have moved to 5 different locations.  It all began at a Kitchen table, then to a Croc Shoe warehouse without heating or air.  Ken Thomas and Gabe Norris had two office spaces in the warehouse where the camp equipment was stored.  They would have to wait until the warehouse next door had their door open to be able to connect to the wireless signal.  In the wintertime they would arrive to work and close their doors, and place a towel at the door to keep cold air from coming in, and turn their space heaters on.  To communicate they would use the intercom system on their phones instead of opening their doors. Then we moved to a 5 office building in Nolensville, Tennessee, where there was heating and air, a great conference room to dream in and a kitchen area where lots of fun conversations took place.   Currently we are in an incredible office space in Watkinsville, Georgia, with 10 offices, heating and air and even a telephone system.  There have been special memories in each of these locations.

Connect Ministries also grown in the resources that we are able to provide to churches. Connect 3on3 Basketball will be having 12 tournaments this year, one of which we have partnered with Rick and Bubba to host an event in Birmingham, Alabama. Connect Day Camp started 3 years ago with 2 locations and about 210 campers.  Then with the partnership with WinShape Camps, C3 Day Camp was able to go to 27 communities the first year with around 3,000 campers.  This past year C3 was in 36 communities impacting around 6,000 and then in 2010 we will be in 45 communities. All of this was started with a vision of helping churches connect with their community. With all of these events we continue to look for other ways to grow with the expansion of Connect Basketball, as well as the addition of Connect Race.

Today we want to celebrate what we have experienced in the past 3 years. We love telling the story of how Connect Ministries was started.  Our Team never wants to forget what God took us through and where he is taken us in the future. Thank you for celebrating with us today! If you have a Connect Story, send us an email or comment here.

Also be looking for twitter to update you on the days celebrations. Gabe is grilling burgers!


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