Right and Wrong Sabbath

5 Oct

In the Connect worldwide headquarters, much of September was spent time-lining the year to come.  With the addition of Mark Lamb and Diane Owen to our team and the rearrangement of boxes of responsibilities – we felt like it was critical that we timeline each project to ensure that get work done efficiently over the next year.  While the timeline process was very productive, it was also quite exhausting.  The lists were long, the tasks were big, the deadlines were near and the work load was/is heavy.  What kept gonging in my head was, “This is going to be a very busy year.”  This ringing statement convicted me…at least in the beginning.

As I read the timeline that God lays out for Israel throughout the Old Testament [particularly in Leviticus 23] it seems paramount for Him that His people practice continual Sabbath.  Sometimes it happens on a certain day, sometimes during certain months… different times throughout the year.  Regardless of when it happens the command was always there… take a Sabbath wherever you are and this will be for the generations to come.  I put the Lord’s mandated timeline up against Connect’s and it forces me to wonder when Sabbath is ever actually possible.  How do you Sabbath when there is never space for it?  What does Sabbath-ing look like in the midst of an extremely busy schedule?

Then I look at the life of Christ and I quickly realize that His schedule was much more hectic than Connect’s.  If Jesus was not alone with the Father you would most likely find Him healing the sick, making the lame walk, causing the blind to see, in a tense conversation with Pharisees, in crowds, turning over tables, on a boat, walking a long distance, having a conversation at a well or a pool…the list goes on and on.  The life of Christ proves that being busy is not a sin.  Jesus was always busy – BUT HE WAS NEVER IN A HURRY.

And that’s the mantra for Connect this season.  We don’t want to be a team who hides behind a busy schedule.  In fact, we don’t even like telling people we are busy… for crying out loud everyone’s busy!

What we want to do is to be a team who is always present in the midst of busyness.

When we practice presence we practice that God is in control.

When we do more than slow down, but actually stop – we are acknowledging that the Lord has brought us to this point, He holds the world in the palms of His hands and He is taking us to good places.

We practice Sabbath when we are on the phone, in a meeting, by ourselves, when we travel and the list goes on.  And when we do we find rest for our souls…our minds…our hearts and our bodies [even when we are busy].


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