celebrate then evaluate

6 Oct

Evaluation is a process that is hard to turn off for a leader. In any environment you walk in as a leader, you tend to become a critic and evaluate every little thing.

We know there are times, places, and seasons for this. But for many of us, it is hard to turn off.

But I wonder how many of us operate our of a “fix-it” mode? We see things not as they should, so we spend energy figuring out how to fix the problems.

I have been a part of organizations that you would think, “fixing what’s wrong” is their mission statement.

But one thing I have noticed in my short time with Connect is the mode we evaluate from; CELEBRATION.

Celebration is a part of who we are. High 5’s and Shouts are normal. People making a group announcement by stepping outside their office or sending an email happen daily. We eat and play together. We actually like coming to work with each other.

We celebrate all day.

And I haven’t felt us operate under the “fix-it” mode of evaluation.

What if we all spent more time celebrating?

We operate out of celebration that leads us to want to push further towards greatness. This is an uplifting process. This is a joyful and fun process. This can allow the leader to look forward to evaluation.

No one wants to stop and consider all that is wrong. But if you spend more energy on all that is right, the right gets pushed aside and weeded out.

We celebrate to the point where the good rises to the top, the not-so-good sinks to the bottom. Then we scoop off the top and run with it to make it even better.

Celebrate today. Throw a party. Spend some time thinking how your ministry, church, or organization has been a change agent in your and your communities’ life.


Celebration Based Evaluation.



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