1 Dec

So I got an invitation from a friend to visit and try out the new Google “Weapon of World Domination”, Google Wave.  It’s so unorthodox in its innovation, I can’t really describe it intelligently.  However, I’ll take a stab at it.  Google Wave is an open source platform that allows anyone with a google account to have ONE screen where they interact with their community.  It is a screen that has a series of small, modifiable dialogue and action boxes.  It has everything from a Contact List box to an Inbox to an actual document that you can be updating in real time with someone else, simultaneously.  The word “wave” refers to the action you are participating in.  It can be a conversation, a blog posting, a small group report for school, etc.  Google is trying to centralize social and productive communication to their platform.  I don’t think the average joe is ready for this, but hey, email was invented 40 years ago and look where it is now…

Google Chrome OS is a whole other bag of weapons.  This video will explain it much better than me:


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