WinShape Camps C3 Team Director Spotlights

14 Dec

Over the next few days, we are pleased to introduce you to the WinShape Camps C3 Team Directors:

Brandon Cullum is a returning C3 Team Director for WinShape Camps C3.  This will be his third year to serve with WinShape.  He is currently living in Athens, Georgia and in his first year of studies for his Masters of Divinity from New Orleans Theological Seminary. When asked what he learned from last year he said, “An ant colony in your van makes for a very uncomfortable van ride.  But really the summer continually taught me how much I can’t do, how fast I can lose focus and how easy it is to fail.  Through that I was taught how to lead others.  Lead them to finding their strengths in my weaknesses and corporately run after the huge dream cast in front of us.”

Daniel Black is a senior at the University of South Carolina and plans to graduate in May with a Business Management and Marketing Degree.  Last year he served with WinShape Camps C3 as a Team Director and we are excited to have him back again for this summer.  For him the highlight from being a director last year was seeing a group of people rally around the vision of C3 and spread the Gospel across the Southeast.  Not only to kids at the camp, but to the communities themselves.  Witnessing a forty-five year old caretaker of a camper in Louisiana come to know Christ was something that he will never forget.

Look for more in the next few days…


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